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Based in Nottinghamshire, GWS are conveniently situated within Britain to provide national coverage. We aim to provide industry with mutual benefits by turning one persons ‘waste products’ into another persons ‘raw materials’ (recycling), whilst we offer a comprehensive waste disposal network for when this is not possible.

We are promoting the bio composting of suitable organic waste streams in order to provide a more economic, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to landfill and water treatment. - A large cosmetic manufacturer was able to make considerable annual savings by allowing us to divert it’s process washings to bio composting. The resulting compost provides crop enhancing and soil conditioning benefits to agricultural land.

GWS are striving to provide economic and environmental benefit by utilising our knowledge on your behalf. We are establishing trusting partnerships with organisations, guiding them through the never ending maze of legislation whilst providing them with cost saving alternatives to current practice, with no reduction in service level.

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